Wordless Monday

hari ni hari isnin... again, as i always heard from my friends, Monday S****~~ Anyway, everything has just gone perfectly today. classes as always, learning bout new things in my field of profession..  lama sangat dan malas2 maw update blog ni.. i dont know why, but, according to my observation, it requires a mind full with ideas and a very determined fingers to writes.. huh? which is completely out of my field of expertise.. lol.. since i really really hard to update every momentos i had in my daily life, so, i decide to spend at least once in a week <excluding examination weeks> to write about anything that i want.. so, got a plenty of work to do on it.. hm, anyway, a thing got in to my mind today, but i dont know what.. and i cant find what.. still finding the sources of kecelaruan happened now, so i decide my mind to take a walk at this lovely blog of mine.. what a relief.. so, i just wanna tell 1 thing, that today, after classes, a friend of mine decided to do an event. i mean big event that will trigger the evolution of any usual ritual ever happened in our program.. "MAJLIS MAKAN MALAM FISIOTERAPI".. if this event succeeded, we are the first batch ever come up with the superb idea since last 39 batches.. quit impressive i can say.. and i hope that this event will succeed anyway.. :) i guess that's it for now.. lost of my fingers sensation... lolz..

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