okay.. 1st of all, i just wanna say sorry bcoz my English isn't very good.. anyway, i've try to polish it..<hihihi>
hm, tonite is English class, we've started on last Monday.. combined with OT.. which makes our class so noisy and crowded.. but still, im so happy.. coz, i can meet many friends.. hm, so, its been a very long time since i never talked in English,, i dunno y.. maybe im just so shy to talk for the reasons that my grammar will be 'off side'.. lalalala~~ so, i think i need to make sure that im not going to forget how to speak in English.. have u heard of this words "learned it or else it will leave u".. haven't u?? so thats exactly i wanna do.. so, if u have any suggestion on how im going to do it, please, i'd be honor to hear it..

p/s: sorry for any convenience.
hahahah ^___^

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